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6 Participants max in each course

Advanced Skills Course
Level 1:  $200

This course may last up to 8 hours, depending on the amount of participants and the skill level of the participants.  This is a more challenging course. It is a combination of the Precision & Control Course and elements of the Defensive Riding Course. This is for the rider that wants it all! This course will allow riders to learn how to better handle their personal motorcycle on the road and at low speeds. This program will incorporate the techniques learned and mastered by police motorcycle officers, and will improve the riding abilities of even the most seasoned rider. At the end of the course, participants will receive a successful completion certificate, as well as a refined skill set and newfound confidence. Some of the exercises practiced in this course include: Slow Cone Weave, Lane Change, Off-Set Weave, Single & Double 360, Iron Cross, Straight line braking, Brake & Evade, Rear End Crash Avoidance.... Plus More!

Intended Audience

These courses are intended for experienced motorcycle riders, who have a firm grasp of the basic skills of operating a motorcycle, but desire to become a better, safer, and more confident riders. This is a challenging course, so riders must have physical stamina to withstand a full day on the range.


•Motorcycle endorsement or license
•Ownership of a motorcycle: cruiser, touring, sport, dual-purpose (must be street legal).

• Motorcycle must have:

  • Valid registration

  • Valid inspection

  • Valid insurance coverage

• Intermediate rider skill level

• Rider safety measures must include:

  • Health Insurance

  • DOT approved helmet

  • Eye protection

  • Above-the-ankle boots (High Top sneakers are not acceptable)

  • Gloves (open or full-fingers)

  • Durable, long pants (no athletic pants of any kind).

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